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Support local Lowveld small business

Did you know that worldwide small business creates more job opportunities than big business, This is true in the South African context as well.

Small business get forced out by big business by making them noncompetitive. In the UK many small towns and villages lost their Mom and Pop businesses when the big players came to town. The nett loss to the local economy has been shown to be impossible to replace because not only are the multi nationals not spending locally, they employ fewer people than the small businesses did historically. By supporting local business you can help economic growth right here in the Lowveld.

Create local jobs

South Africa is in dire need of employment opportunities and the fastest way to create them is by supporting local small businesses.

#SupportLocal. Local small business need your support. This website aims to address the need for somewhere to find only locally owned home grown businesses and products.

If it is listed on this site you know that the owners live here, support other local business and are part of the community. This website aims to help the smallest local businesses to market their services and products.

If you need jam, scones or a handyman you should know that you are supporting locals not international corporations.

Who should add their business?

If you supply tyres, do guided tours or make something locally, this is where to showcase your product. Unlike other websites this site is not a directory or index of websites. We are creating an online shopping experience where local products can be displayed and sold online.

Online shopping mall

Every small business can set up their own shop front on Lowveldnet. Every product will be searchable so if someone is looking for Vellies and there are 50 products, they will all be seen. As a business you can add your products to your shop, update prices, add special offers and receive online orders and payments at very reasonable costs. Register here.

How do you know if you can add your business to Lowveldnet

  • Your head office is in a Lowveld town
  • The owners live in the Lowveld
  • Your business is not a national or international conglomerate
  • It's a real business, not a MLM, network marketing or pyramid scheme
  • It's not a get rich quick scheme
  • You supply a product or a service
  • Your product or service is not illegal

10 reasons to support local small businesses

Blogging about the Lowveld

Event Diary


Look Local Market

The market at Crossings is the favourite of many a trader and browser with 118 stalls from food to craft.

Crossings Shopping Center, Nelspruit

Lowveld cities and villages

Barberton is between Eswatini and Nelspruit
To the east of Mbombela is the place of palms.
Mbombela was previously Nelspruit. The city was founded on the banks of the Nelspruit
Waterval Onder
Waterval Onder
White River
White River

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